High quality, *truly* portable watercolours: let’s talk about Nicholson’s Peerless Transparent Water Colors

Browsing the web, I found a set of watercolours unique in its genre, both for being portable and incredibly high quality: their name is Nicholson's Peerless Transparent Water Colors.

As you already know, when talking about drawing material, one of the key points for me is how portable it is: I love to sketch while I travel or I am out of the house, but I hate to carry awkward stuff with me. This is why among my choices there are for example Midori and Pentel Multi8. Talking about watercolours, I always carried with me the Winsor & Newton 12 Cotmans pocket box that, together with tank brushes, seemed the most interesting option.

Until the moment when, browsing the web, I found a set of watercolours unique in its genre, both for being portable and incredibly high quality: their name is Nicholson’s Peerless Transparent Water Colors.

These are special “sheet” watercolours: instead of being as usual in a box, these colours are grouped in a little album in which every sheet is a thin pigments’ plate. Therefore, since of the concentration of the pigments, despite the strange format the Peerlessare are bright and long duration colours.


Another advantage to keep in mind: the price. Since of the uniqueness of the product, I would of expect a very high price; instead, the cost is pretty affordable: the starting set costs just $15, the plus one with 40 colours goes from $33 to $60 depending on the size of the watercolours’ sheets you purchase. The only flaw, since at least there has to be one or we don’t believe it’s true: the production is in the USA and – alas! – the delivery costs almost as much as a starter pack.

Ok, a bit expensive this last factor, but it is totally worth: Stevie gifted me mine from for my birthday and when I tried them I was the happiest person on earth. Do you remember the very bright colours illustrations I published in my article about St. George’s Market? Well, those were the Peerless in action.

st georges marketl

Since before I had no occasion of trying them, I said to Stevie to order only the base set (that is called Peerless Water Color Complete Edition Book, don’t get yourself confused) and now I’m kicking myself for not deciding for the bonus pack as well. Let’s be clear: the starter set has already a pretty good range of colours(*), but since of the shipping from the USA and the quality of the product, going back in time I’d order more. In fact their Bonus Pack jumped in my shopping list as one of the first items to get as I have enough money since, as I already said, these colours are truly unique.

In one of the next articles I will tell you how I created a micro-insert/palette inside my passport size traveler’s notebook so I can alwys carry the colours with me. Stay tuned! 🙂


Nicholson’s Peerless Transparent Water Colors Official Site
Facebook Page

P.S. If anyone near Genoa or Belfast would like to order them and share the shipping, just let me know and we organize together to do so 🙂

(*) Colours inside the Peerless Water Color Complete Edition Book:
– Brilliant Yellow
– Deep Yellow
– Orange Yellow
– Flesh Tint
– Geranium Pink
– Japonica Scarlet
– Royal Crimson
– Mahogany Brown
– Sepia Brown
– Light Green
– Dark Green
– Sky Blue
– Deep Blue
– Wistaria Violet
– Pearl Grey
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  • Ciao Mae, mi piace moltissimo come scrivi e come disegni. Sei molto brava. Inoltre, è sorprendente quanto spesso nel tuo blog io ritrovi cose che amo, come il Midori e la Pentel 8! Che bello imbattersi in affinitĂ  particolari nel tuttoeniente del web. E questi acquerelli straordinari sono una scoperta notevole, grazie.
    A proposito di Midori, vorrei chiederti che inserti utilizzi per disegnare: non ne ho mai trovati di completamente soddisfacenti. Non ho provato gli originali, perché i Midori li costruisco da me e tendenzialmente per il passport uso quadernini Moleskine: sono migliori? Grazie, un abbraccio dall’Italia. Marghi

    • Ciao Margherita, piacere di conoscerti e grazie per i complimenti, sono felice di trovare un’anima affine 🙂
      Allora, l’unico inserto per Midori che mi sia piaciuto per il disegno è il refill 012, creato con carta piĂą pesante appunto per sketches e disegni; tuttavia l’ho trovato adatto per l’uso con la pentel e con le matite colorate (http://www.bohemianwanderer.com/en/2016/06/sketching-around-sullenterprise-dublino-belfast/), l’acquerello non prendeva bene sulla carta. Gli inserti migliori rimangono quelli che creo da me con carta da acquerello o la mia carta preferita, purtroppo quelli originali sono ottimi per la scrittura ma non buoni per il disegno (e costano anche un occhio della testa ^^’).
      Per quel che riguarda la Moleskine, io non la amo personalmente: non mi sono mai trovata bene con la loro carta nè per la scrittura, nè per il disegno; ogni tot ci riprovo, ma continuo a non essere soddisfatta. Per la passport uso refill dalla Cina: la carta è ok per scrivere e costano poco.
      Ciao e a presto! Mae

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