[INFOGRAPHIC] The advantages of online courses

“Thanks to the web, knowledge is available to everyone.”

How many times did you hear this from when internet started its inexorable growth? Surely many. And it was never so true as in these last years, when the diffusion of MOOCs and online courses started. For me it’s been a true blessing, I’m sure you can guess why.

I love studying. I love adding continously new knowledge to what I already know and being always updated in what I do. However, traveling often and living between two countries are features that are not surely helping training in the most common sense of the term: many times I was upset because I couldn’t take part to academic courses or workshops that almost daily I find while browsing the web.

Luckily, there are sites as Lynda.com (now owned by LinkedIn, that helped me keeping updates with content marketing and social media), Iversity (where I attended Design1o1), Skillshare (I found many short courses about creative topics, as watercolours and graphic design), Coursera or Skilledup. This last one is the website that created the infographic I’m sharing today. It is, of course, called “The Advantages of Online Courses” 😉


As first thing, two key elements stick out straight away: the learning speed and the high level of engagement, motivation and completion of the courses attended.

Online courses have the advantage of being accessible from wherever, in any moment and also they leave the students a lot of space for organizing depending on their needs. Some free time, a internet connection and a device are all is needed to attend; since of the every-day-wider availability of connection and the spread use of mobile devices among students in general, these are really not a difficult condition to find.

Another one of the strenghts are the topics: students have the possibility of choosing topics in a very specific and precise way, following their interestes or the skills they want to improve and, since of the big quantity of the institutions all over the world, you are spoiled for choice.

Online training is economically convenient as well, since it has lower costs for both registration and attendance (there are no travel expenses), and also the course materials are mostly included as pdf or ebooks.

Engagement and motivation are consequence one of the other: the technologies used in online courses help a high level of interactivity and the badges earned can be easily added to the various online profiles as LinkedIn one, or to websites.

Last but not least the quality of the courses, often higher than average: in many cases the teachers are experts of the topic with a wide field experience.

All these elements together give back incredibile results: in some cases the percentage of completed courses reaches no less than 92%! Since one of the main problems of universities and institutions is the high rate of leaving before completion, these results are even more precious.

In conclusion: if you never attended a online course before, these are some of the good motivation to try now; see you in some virtual classroom! 😉

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