Remote Working Conference 2016 – December 6 – 7

Creatives, entrepeneurs and professionals on the web, keep your agenda clean for the 6th and 7th of December, because there is a event not to be missed:

it’s the Remote Working Conference 2016, two days of speeches by some of the most brilliant minds in the world of remote working + a final round table for discussing future developments.

This year the conference became bigger and international: all the events will be in English and the names in the agenda are surprising indeed.

Here are the speakers that will take part on the two days:

Key Notes:

  • Jeff Robbins – Co-Founder @ Lullabot
  • Rodolphe Dutel – Director of Operations @ Buffer; Founder @
  • Claire Lew – CEO @ Know Your Company
  • Doug Breaker, CEO of EarthClassMail
  • Brie Reynolds – Senior Career Specialist @ FlexJobs
  • Tomislav Capan – Software Developer @ Toptal


  • Taylor Dewey – “Designing a Better UX Hiring Process”
  • Nicola Gervasini – “A new Digital Workplace for smart and agile workers: an idea for a project”
  • John Eckman – “Distributed, not Disconnected: Employee Engagement for Remote Work”
  • Marina Penna – “Smart Traineeship”
  • Roberto Cavaliere – “Is remote working for all? Skill, knowledge and ability to work remotely.”
  • Sathyaish Chakravarthy – “Finding Good Developers”
  • Alex Shirazi – “Intuition Factors of the User Experience Design Process”
  • Nikita Tuk – “A practical guide to leaving the office”
  • Mark Meyer – “No Man Is an Island, or Being the Only Remote Member of a Co-Located Software Engineering Team”
  • Dorien Morin-van Dam – “Raising Teens & Pacifying Clients; a Fascinating Analogy by a Real Life Mompreneur.”
  • Gianfranco Reppucci – “Myth busting remote working”
  • Jonathan Sharp – “Remote is Where the Heart is”

The conference is organized as usual by Christopher Pecoraro, this year in collaboration with Rohan Anthony Smith.

Register and attend for free, anywhere you are (was that even necessary to say? :P), at this link: Remote Working Conference – Eventbrite


Remote Working Conference Official Website

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