“But it aint my country” – from “All the pretty horses” by Cormac McCarthy

*Spoiler alert* If you want to read the book or see the movie, it’s better you come back later 😉

“What are you goin to do?”
“Head out.”
“Where to?”
“I dont know.”
“You could get on out on the rigs. Pays awful good.”
“Yeah. I know.”
“You could stay here at the house.”
“I think I’m goin to move on.”
“This is still good country.”
“Yeah. I know it is. But it aint my country.”

He rose and turned and looked off toward the north where the lights of the city hung over the desert. Then he walked out and picked up the reins and mounted his horse and rode up and caught the Blevins horse by its halter.

“Catch your horse”, he said. “Or else he’ll follow me.”

Rawlins walked out and caught the horse and stood holding it.

“Where is your country?” he said.
“I don’t know” said John Grady. “I don’t know where it is. I dont know what happens to country.”

Rawlins didnt answer.

“I’ll see you old pardner”, said John Grady.
“All right. I’ll see you.”

Cormac McCarthy – “All the pretty horses”

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