Marino – Pictures of Northern Ireland and drawings on the train

My first working Monday of the year ended like this: with two friends we jumped on a train to reach the sea. It is more than three months that I’m not back to Italy at this point and I miss the Mediterranean Sea. Of course I know, the Irish Sea is not the same thing, but the beaches here are covered in shells and treasures, they have colours that are strange to our eyes used to Italy, but the sea is there, it shatters, pushes and then takes back, like the one in my region.

Between Belfast and Marino there are around 20 minutes of train. While chatting with friends I stole the portraits of two passengers:

We arrived in Marino on the line going to Bangor, less than an hour before sunset and at only 5°. At the station there are no signs guiding you to the beach: we just followed the street downhill and, among villas and beautiful houses, we reached a little bay. The green fields end directly on the fine sand of the beach. There are giant alga and little water puddles far from the sea shore. Airplanes fly low to reach on of two Belfast’s airports and it seems you can almost touch them. We returned a bit to childhood and ventured around, we collected shells and took pictures of each other. These pics below are not good since are taken with my phone, but let’s hope Katy’s ones are better 😉

My first working day I went to the sea: I think this is a very good way of starting my year. Maybe, however, next time we go back to Marino is better during spring or wearing better clothes 😉

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