Ch ch ch ch changes – Changes coming

Dear friends, as probably you noticed I didn’t post anything on Bohemian Wanderer during last days. No worries: I’m not going to stop updating this blog 😉 I just took some days to go about the topics and reorganize my contents to make them more interesting and focused. In other words: I have many interests, but I found out that to put them all together in the same place is not the right solution as sometimes can be confusing for you readers.

Since I don’t want to stop talking about some topics that I am passionate about (and I know some of you are too), I decided to move them somewhere else and, by consequence, split my online presence in two distinct parts: Bohemian Wanderer will remain the blog where I write about traveling, places I visit, exhibitions and creativity, while on the new, at the moment yet work in progress, I will talk about the topics that are related to my work in digital communication and to my life as a freelance.

I ask you for some more patience as I end the new blog and I coordinate it with the rest: I’m working on it from some days already and it won’t take long. Stay tuned 😉

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