My first poster: “Home is where your favourite cups are”

Ok, here is a secret: to digitalize my drawings makes me nervous. So nervous that I felt the need to ask a friend that owns a graphic design and print shop in Genoa (a very good one! Visit their website because you’ll love their work: Design In The City) advice on how to do it. I was dubious: do I have to use a giant sheet? Maybe to draw with special ink? Do I need a magic scanner? Nope, nothing so strange: banally, if you want to scan and print some drawings, you just have to…scan and then print them.

After this enlightening discovery, I came back to Belfast and, thanks to the always-awesome Northern Irish weather, I got the flu straight away. With no chance of working, but still wanting to not lose a day, I opened Skillshare and watched an illustration course by Kate Bingaman-Burt, a super talented artist from Portland. The course focuses on the illustration of taxonomies: Kate expresses herself drawing collections and series of objects to depict her story and the ones of the people around her. Now, if you know my obsession for “treasures”: isn’t this a perfect course for me? Yes, it is.

That’s how my couch became straight away a botched desk and I started working to portray my first collection to transform it then in a mini-poster to print. I chose a common subject to start: mugs and cups. You have no idea how many mugs you pile up if you live in a country where tea is one of the main drinks and coffee is by default the american one. Then add to them my collection of espresso cups (the only, true coffee; you know this, don’t you? :P).


So here it is the result of my day with flu, since no, I can’t pass even one day being unproductive:

I’m pretty satisfied with my first print work; there will be others for sure 🙂

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