Inside my sketchbook: Make-up illustration

I thought that, since of the busy work period I’m living, it could be relaxing to draw some common object inside my Canson Art Book in the evening. Really, if you have some spare time, just do it: you choose a category of objects and draw them, without thinking too much about the perfection of the result; around 20 minutes per evening should be enough and the satisfaction will be sure 🙂

This is the result of my last three evening passed drawing on the sofa; as a theme I chose make-up:

(I don’t have a passion for make-up but, as every woman, I own a collection of eyeshadows, nail polish and lipsticks. As you can see, mine is pretty boring, since it involves almost only black and red :D)

Dr. Ph. Martin’s black and coloured inks + Ecoline Talens on Art Book Canson.

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