Some pretty good news!

During the last few months, I have been very focused on my work as a copywriter and only little on my personal projects. It is from last March that I have no time to write on the blog and I am absorbed by other commitments. However, below I never stopped drawing, imagining, and pursuing new ideas, or I shall rather say them pursuing me. Since you can’t hide yourself from ideas for long, I have good news (and will come up with some more): a little drawing and illustration project of mine – so small that it still doesn’t have a name or proper definite outlines – has been selected among others to be developed during the Belfast Design Week in a series of workshops and meetings organized in collaboration with Blick Shared Studios. They will be very busy – and happy – days.

Belfast once more confirms itself as a city with an immense heart, a place full of good energies that is not afraid to offer opportunities to those who have the courage to catch them.

Useless to say: I can’t wait! 😉

Useful links:

Belfast Design Week

Blick Shared Studios

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