Road to Euroflora: drawing plants and gardens (PICS + VIDEO)

Preparation sketches for Euroflora 2018

After deciding that I would be visiting Euroflora 2018 during my stay in Italy, I realised that I had a really little experience in sketching plants or gardens; since I didn’t want to waste the occasion of sketching live and also to feel comfortable with it, during the days before my trip I worked on my botanical drawing skills. Above some of the sketches that came out of this:

The video below is on my Instagram channel (follow me to see my drawings as I publish them and chat about books as well) and in it you can see how I drew step by step one of the drawings in this article. I loved to make it and I hope to publish some more soon 🙂

To draw comfortably sitting in the studio is fantastic, but I knew that at Euroflora I’d find myself sketching while standing, in the middle of crowds, at the mercy of the weather. Ergo, taking advantage of the reopening of the marvellous Tropical Ravine in Belfast after three years of restauration works, I thought there was no better place where to exercise for live sketching plants.

I like the result, but it was pretty difficult to end the drawing because of the high temperature and humidity: it took me around one hour, during which I had to get out of the place two times as I was risking to faint. For the first time in my life I realised that sometimes it is better to be prepared and organised, even only to go and sketch near home 😉

How did it end? During the first sketches of plants and flowers I wasn’t sure I liked it, but after some time I started to love it: green is not at all part of my favourite colours, but bit by bit I found my way to use it. In the end, Euroflora or not, I am happy I tried.

See how it went: Sketching around: Euroflora 2018 – Genoa

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